All steel side table

All steel side table


ßExperimental all-steel side tableß Size: length (unintended) * width (750mm) * height (850mm) can be customized. Countertop part: The central experimental bench has solid-core physical and chemical board countertops, epoxy resin boards, marble, stainless steel countertops, ceramic countertops, etc.

ß Experimental all-steel side table

ß size: length (unintended) * width (750mm) * height (850mm) can be customized.

Tabletop part: The central experimental table has solid-core physicochemical tabletops, epoxy resin boards, marble, stainless steel countertops, ceramic countertops, etc. to choose from

ß box part: The door has a double-layer structure, and the inner and outer layers are protected against corrosion and impact, with a sound insulation layer in the middle. The cabinet and laminate are made of 1.0 mm thick cold-rolled steel plate. The surface of the steel is pickled, phosphated, and sprayed with electrostatic powder. It has the functions of corrosion resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance. Use high-quality hinges or hinges, three black silent rails. The adjustable feet are made of ABS special injection-adjustable adjustable feet, stainless steel metal screw, height adjustable, the adjustment scale is 30-50mm, non-slip shock absorption.

1. Material: 1.0mm thick galvanized cold-rolled steel plate, electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder on the surface of the cabinet, high temperature curing, high adhesion, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful warp.

2. Accessories:

Slide rail: 16 inch DTC dedicated slide rail, quiet and smooth.

Hinge: Use DTC brand hinge, open 115 degrees.

Adjusting feet: Use diameter φ8mm, the outer hexagonal nylon of the landing part, the total height is 25MM, and the adjustable height is 15MM.

Handle: One-piece is integrated with the door, which is hydraulically bent.


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