Gangmu Central Table

Gangmu Central Table


ßSteel-wood central table size: length (unintended) * width (1500mm) * height (850mm) countertop section: the central experimental bench uses solid core physical and chemical board countertops, epoxy resin boards, marble, stainless steel countertops, ceramics, etc. to choose from ß structure:

ßSteel- wood central table size: long (unintended) * width (1500mm) * height (850mm)

Tabletop part: The central experimental table uses solid-core physical and chemical board tabletops, epoxy resin boards, marble, stainless steel tabletops, ceramics, etc. to choose from

ß structure: the supporting beam is a 60 * 40mm cold-rolled rectangular steel pipe, the supporting column is a double-sided welded inlaid cold-rolled channel steel of the same size steel pipe, and the surface is electroplated with colored zinc for rust prevention pretreatment. Phosphated and electrostatic powder sprayed epoxy resin protective layer for acid and alkali and corrosion resistant surface treatment. The protective layer adhesion is qualified by falling object impact test. Static load is more than 250 kg. The support column can be directly suspended in the cabinet without damage. Wall.

ß reagent rack: the layer plate is 10mm thick glass, double-layer structure, with holes of different heights, and the height can be adjusted freely according to actual needs.

ß tabletop: solid core physical and chemical board, epoxy resin board, Trespa board, veneer physical and chemical board, etc. (can be configured as required)

ß socket: Use laboratory-specific safety products. It has the functions of dustproof, splashproof, waterproof, anti-acid and so on. Information is PC information fire retardant.

Cabinet: E1 grade melamine double-faced MDF.

Slide rail: Introduced German technology, three-section heavy-duty ball slide rail, strong load bearing, outstanding sliding function, no noise

Hinge: Introducing British technology, 175 ° high quality chrome-plated steel DTC hinge.

Handle: Slotted aluminum alloy handle.

ß sink: laboratory-specific high-quality PP sink, outstanding acid and alkali resistance.

Frame: 60 * 40mm national standard rectangular steel, thickness ≧ 1.5mm. The side is welded and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin. Stainless steel adjustment feet with rubber pad

Water nozzle: Laboratory water nozzle, copper porcelain valve core, the whole surface is sprayed with epoxy powder.

ß three-port faucet: laboratory-specific three-port faucet, made of copper, with EPOXY spray treatment on the surface, which can prevent acid and alkali and rust

ß Adjustable combination foot: It has the characteristics of non-slip, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong bearing capacity.

Attachment: Aluminum glass concrete rack (with multifunctional power box) PP drip rack, desktop eyewash


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