• Instrument table
    Instrument table

    1. Cabinet body: High-quality trihydrogen ammonia board 18mm visible PVC waterproof edge banding 2. Doo

  • Washing table
    Washing table

    Dimensions: length (any) * width (750mm) * height (850mm) table surface: the central experimental table

  • Sky Platform
    Sky Platform

    Countertop: The countertop is made of marble countertops, with three levels of shock absorption.

  • All-steel central platform
    All-steel central platform

    Specifications: 3500 * 1500 * 850mm (can be customized) Table top: 12.7mm thick solid physical and chem

  • PP side table
    PP side table

    PP side table size: length (optional) * width (750mm) * height (850mm) countertop section: side table w

  • PP Central Station
    PP Central Station

    PP center table size: length (arbitrary) * width (1500mm) * height (850mm) The center experimental tabl

  • All steel side table
    All steel side table

    ßExperimental all-steel side tableß Size: length (unintended) * width (750mm) * height (850mm) can be c

  • Gangmu Central Table
    Gangmu Central Table

    ßSteel-wood central table size: length (unintended) * width (1500mm) * height (850mm) countertop sectio

  • Steel wood side table
    Steel wood side table

    Dimensions: Length (optional) * Width (750mm) * Height (850mm) Countertop: The central experimental ben

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