Eye wash station

Eye wash station


Product description: 1. Selects the special 304 stainless steel material produced by Shanghai Special Stainless Steel Factory 2. Has super strong resistance to corrosion by chemical substances such as acids, alkalis, salts and oils 3. Eyewash nozzle 12 l / min 4. Suitable nuclear energy , Petroleum, chemical

Product Description:

1.Select the special 304 stainless steel material produced by Shanghai Special Stainless Steel Factory

2.Super strong resistance to corrosion by chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt and oil

3.Eyewash nozzle 12 l / min

4. Suitable for nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical, machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship repair, foundry, painting, printing and dyeing, medicine, medical and other industries

5. It can be added with pedals and limbs linkage control, which is more convenient and quick.

6.Can add ABS coating and lighting equipment

7.Can add luminous safety sign

8.Add anti-freezing and emptying equipment

9, can be customized according to customer requirements

● Switch structure and characteristics: The switch uses the ceramic sealing surface seal independently developed and patented by Butian. The operating force is small, which is convenient for the user to open quickly. It is more suitable for use in urgent situations. Excellent wear resistance and sealing function, useful life of more than 300,000 times. It is convenient to repair, without opening and closing the valve body, the valve core can be directly replaced from the side of the switch, which helps reduce the user's protection costs.

● Eyewash switch method: When the limbs are linked, you only need to open the lid of the eyewash or step on the foot pedal. Clean water is sprayed from the eye wash nozzle. After use, close the lid of the eye wash. After the eyewash switch is turned on, it is not manually operated and will not be actively closed.

● Eyewash basin material: new high-quality non-toxic ASA modified plastic, after modified acid and alkali resistance and weathering treatment, it is not easy to fade, not easy to aging, long service life, superior weather resistance, and may ship in an extremely low temperature environment The upper application does not affect its service life. The low temperature can withstand low temperature of minus 45 degrees, and its use in an environment of minus 45 degrees does not affect its function. And has resistance to strong acid, alkali, salt, oil and other chemical substances corrosion characteristics. Suitable for outdoor use and some harsh environments. The eyewash basin cover can protect the eyewash nozzle and the entire eyewash basin from dust, which is useful to ensure the cleanliness of the eyewash nozzle and the inside of the eyewash basin.

● Eyewash nozzle: The eyewash nozzle has a built-in multi-layer filter, which can filter impurities in the water and make the water flow into a foamy water column. It is useful to avoid secondary damage to the eyes and injured parts of the injured eye due to water impurities or excessive water flow. The filter is easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and easy to maintain and protect.

● This product is suitable for use in an environment where the temperature is higher than 0 ° C. When used in an environment of 0 ° C or below, pay attention to the antifreeze and heat insulation of the pipeline.


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