What should be paid attention to when using the laboratory console


The main parts of the laboratory operation table and experimental table are all-wood structure, steel-wood structure and all-steel structure. The laboratory bench and other optional furniture are made of steel. The stable performance of the steel experimental machine can prevent chemical reactions that may occur during the experiment. There will inevitably be some toxic gases or harmful substances in the experiment. Steel is unlikely to react with these things. This is a way to prevent danger.

We often care about the quality of laboratory furniture. In fact, this is also a very normal demand. However, we have ignored other issues, such as the selection of the raw materials for the laboratory table by the staff. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of matters, otherwise the best raw materials will reduce the service life. However, if you use them improperly, they will still be damaged, so pay attention to the precautions in the use of the laboratory console:

1. Do not allow sulfuric acid or nitric acid with a concentration exceeding 95% to touch the corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board for a long time, and do not touch for more than 4 hours.

2. A temperature higher than 180 ° C will cause the color change or blistering of the surface paper of the corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board, so do not let the melted metal, sparks and objects with unknown temperature touch it.

3. When using overheated glass dishes or coal stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, and alcohol stoves, these heat sources should be placed on thermally insulated ceramic plates or triangular brackets, and cannot be directly touched with the countertop.

4. Do not use abrasives, acidic, alkaline or corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning the corrosion-resistant physical and chemical boards, to avoid affecting the surface. Generally, they can be washed with water. For stubborn stains, they can be washed with water after cleaning with hypochlorous acid. Scratch the surface with a sharp metal object.

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