What are the advantages of walk-in fume hoods?


Friends who know laboratory furniture know that fume hood is one of the necessary furniture for laboratory furniture. But there are many types of fume hoods. What are the advantages of walk-in fume hoods? Let's take a look!

Fume hoods are widely used, and some chemical laboratories choose to use walk-in fume hoods. Mainly because it can accommodate relatively large equipment, laboratory personnel can completely enter and exit the fume hood, and plan for laboratories that require a high operating space, mainly during the various testing processes, to carry out harmful gas sources. The equipment for collection and emission has a human-oriented concept in planning, and then special planning is carried out according to the application characteristics in different occupations to satisfy the requirements of use in different laboratories.

In the professions of chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, hospitals, food, and scientific research institutions, the harmful sources are mainly organic gases and inorganic waste gases, and most of the harmful sources are heat sources, as well as some acid-base gases, so full consideration must be given to the main plan The closedness of the space inside the cabinet completely excludes harmful gases, odors, moisture, and flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances, and maintains the health of the laboratory personnel. This is also a place of great safety advantage.

Structure and material advantages:

(1) The floor type fume hood structure is floor type. The front and side panels and frame of the cabinet are made of 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface of the steel plate is sprayed after phosphating (light gray).

(2) Both sides of the cabinet body are made of steel double-layer hollow or 12MM thick high-strength glass, the top plate and back plate are made of steel, and the lower part of the back plate is removable, which is convenient for the water and electricity in the cabinet. Renovation and repair of airways.

(3) The door structure of the walk-in fume hood is a horizontal sliding door made of aluminum alloy. The exterior is treated with phosphating and sprayed plastic (light gray). The door glass is made of 5MM thick tempered safety glass.

(4) Inner length of walk-in fume hood = outer length -200MM, inner width = outer width -170MM, inner height = outer height -300.

(5) The light source is a 100W explosion-proof ceiling lamp, which is completely isolated from the gas in the cabinet.

(6) The power socket, fan switch, and lighting switch are placed on the outer column. The standard configuration is two 10A six-hole universal sockets and two 16A six-hole sockets / sets.

(7) The exhaust port is matched with 315PVC pipe, and is equipped with a manual air volume adjustment valve.

If you want to achieve more durable use of walk-in fume hoods, one suggestion is to choose steel, which has better corrosion resistance than wood. Second, you need to know how to maintain and maintain the fume hood, and check the walk-in fume hood regularly. The medicine accidentally touched the fume hood and wiped it with water in time.

Friends who have seen the advantages of walk-in fume hoods, please contact us if necessary!

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