Installation and use of universal exhaust hood


The universal exhaust hood is mainly used to safely deal with traces of harmful and toxic gases or vapors. The purpose is to capture, seal and transfer trace pollutants and traces of harmful chemical gases to avoid escaping into the test room. The pollutants in the product inhalation hood are directly excluded from the room and kept away from the operator, so as to minimize the inhalation contact. Then Shenzhen Jason Xiaobian takes you to understand the installation and application of universal exhaust hood:

1. Choose the installation orientation of the extraction hood according to the workplace and indoor environment, punch holes on the ceiling according to the fixing seat, and fix the fixing frame on the ceiling with M8 expansion screws;

2. Pierce the elastic pipe into the exhaust pipe hole of the fixed frame, use the pipe clamp to lock the elastic pipe with the exhaust pipe, and position the decorative plate to be screwed tightly;

3.Tighten the gas collection hood;

4. Connect the exhaust vent, connect the exhaust vent with the exhaust system;

5. During use, the air collecting hood can be pulled freely, so that it is aligned with the exhaust address, and the flow conditioning button is adjusted. Turn the conditioning knob after use to close the windshield and fold the air hood to reset it.

Precautions for installation and use of universal exhaust hood:

1. There are pressure bearings and rubber rings in the joint. If the joint is loose, you can tighten the joint knob properly;

2.Do not push too hard on the gas collecting hood;

3. The elastic tube and the fixing frame cannot exceed 90 degrees in the vertical plane, otherwise they will rebound;

4. Installation height. The vertical distance between the ceiling and the suction port is 2440mm larger and 1710mm smaller.

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