Instructions for use of all steel medicine cabinet


Application scope of all-steel medicine cabinet: Shenzhen Jason All-steel medicine cabinet, suitable for air-conditioning plant and ultra-clean plant. It has been widely used in the laboratory of electronics, chemical engineering, machinery, medicine and colleges.

The role of all-steel medicine cabinet: The correct use of all-steel medicine cabinet will help you avoid many safety risks during the test. Reasonable classification and storage of laboratory medicines will save your laboratory a lot of time. Regularly check the shelf life of laboratory medicines and reasonably dispose of laboratory medicines that have expired to avoid environmental pollution.

Classification of all steel medicine cabinet:

Medicine cabinets are divided into ordinary medicine safety storage cabinets and volatile medicine safety storage cabinets.

Product features of all steel medicine cabinet:

1. Cabinet: (top plate, bottom plate, side plate, back plate) overall use 1.0mm thick high-quality galvanized steel plate, exterior surface is sprayed with epoxy powder for high temperature baking, surface hardness adhesion, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

2. Glass window: 5mm thick ordinary white transparent glass is selected.

3. Laminate: Use high-quality galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.0mm. The surface is baked at a high temperature by epoxy powder spraying. The hardness and adhesion on the surface are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. (Three layers of adjustable movable shelves are planned inside the cabinet of the medicine cabinet, which can satisfy various test needs and facilitate the temporary adjustment of the appropriate height.)

4. Hinge: The hinge is DTC straight hinge.

5. Handle: The handle is made of inline PP engineering plastic, and the mold is integrated into the handle.

6. Shelf pin: 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate is formed by CNC punch mold.

7, adjustment feet: 8mm galvanized screws, waterproof nylon hexagonal lining at the bottom.

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