How to maintain the all-steel test bench?


The utilization rate of all-steel test benches is increasing in the laboratory. The materials of the test benches in the mall are facing the situation of survival of the fittest. All high-quality solid core physical and chemical boards are used, with a thickness of 12.7mm and a border of 25.4mm. The side lower mouth has a water stop to prevent liquid from flowing onto the cabinet. The entire table has strong acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, odorless, antibacterial, anti-aging, mildew resistance, waterproof, and fire resistance. , Moisture-proof and other advantages, is an ideal green building material for the laboratory. The test bench is solid in material and high in anti-corrosion, which is popular among the public. However, the test bench will also be damaged. Today, the editor of the Chongqing steel-wood test bench will tell you how to protect the steel test bench.

1. In the application process of the all-steel experimental table , it is impossible to use sharp objects to scratch the table surface. Do not talk about using some sharp objects on the table surface. Such operations may cause harm to the table surface.

2. Although the all-steel test bench has undergone special treatment, we try not to use it for a long time in a high temperature environment, because the material of the appearance of the test bench will be damaged to varying degrees.

3. Try not to use open flames in the experimental table, or if exposed to the sun, do not chop the work together on the table, otherwise it will affect the table and even cause the table to be damaged.

4. During the experiment, experimenters often use instruments such as alcohol lamps. In the process of use, they must be placed on a professional tripod for use. After the experiment is completed, warm water must be used. Wash the countertop and apply some protective material accordingly to ensure the integrity of the countertop and avoid damage to the exterior of the countertop.

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