What are the advantages and disadvantages of all-steel side tables of different materials


The all-steel side table is an indispensable part of the laboratory. Now the experimental side table on the market is full of different styles and different raw materials, which play different roles in the laboratory. Each kind of raw material has its own advantages and disadvantages. How much do you know about it?

1. Pure wood material: This is a relatively common material. Using this material can make the experimental side table more complex, and the quality is very light. However, there are certain disadvantages in choosing this kind of raw materials, such as the relatively waste of data, and it is easy to be corroded when it encounters corrosive substances. That's why the experimental side table of steel structure was introduced.

2. Semi-steel materials: This means that the entire experimental cabinet is made of wooden materials, and some small parts and materials are made of steel materials. Such an experimental platform combines the advantages of wood materials and steel materials. Its appearance is beautiful, and the steel base also makes the entire cabinet more robust. Generally such a cabinet can be used for more than ten years. Because of this, the price of such a table is relatively expensive in the market

3. Steel materials: This promotes that almost all structures have become steel structures, and such structures have strong corrosion resistance, so the period of use is very long, and there are many local applications, generally It will be placed in the instrument profiling room.

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