Selection criteria of laboratory table material


The laboratory bench has played an important role in the entire laboratory. It can not only help us store and place various equipment, but also use special materials to avoid being corroded and damaged by various chemicals. Especially now that the design of the experimental bench incorporates more functional design, such as the professional design of the sink alcohol lamp placement, etc., these are more conducive to the use of our laboratory. Together, they have also brought great changes to the laboratory environment. It can be said that the frequency of the use of the experimental table is high in the entire laboratory, so in order to better protect this table, we need to pay attention Maintenance and protection, together with reasonable selection of raw materials according to your experimental environment when selecting.

1. Selection of table materials for physics laboratory: Physical laboratory needs relatively low requirements when selecting table, for example, some granite countertops can be used, but the raw materials you choose must ensure its high temperature resistance effect. And characteristics, and the thickness of the countertop must be guaranteed. Because many heavy-duty instruments need to be placed on the countertop in the later stage, the next step is to select some countertops with heat-resistant functions, so as to avoid high temperature from affecting the countertop. Try to be careful not to choose radiation materials and countertops, as these may cause certain damage to the human body.

2. Chemical laboratory table material selection: Chemical laboratory often comes in contact with various strong acid substances, so the requirements for table material will be higher. Usually some ceramic countertops, including epoxy resin countertops, can be used. The countertop must contain fire prevention information, and together must have strong anti-corrosion ability.

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