What are the characteristics of all-steel medicine cabinets?


The laboratory furniture is an experimental operation console and its auxiliary equipment, including a test cabinet, a medicine cabinet, and a test bench. Classified by raw materials, including all steel, all wood, steel wood, all steel, and other types. The countertop can use Trespa, solid-core physical and chemical board, or ceramic board or epoxy resin board, spray EFOXY powder foam curing treatment to achieve acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. Today, let's talk about one of the all-steel medicine cabinets .

Medicine cabinet is the primary equipment for storing medicines and reagents in laboratory furniture. Commonly used in the field of biomedicine, food inspection, physical chemistry, environmental science, chemical analysis of natural energy and other test areas. According to the raw materials of the product, it can be divided into all-wood all-steel and stainless steel medicine cabinets. According to safety objectives, it can be divided into ordinary type and suction. The period is to keep the toxic, harmful and volatile materials in the experiment properly.

All-steel medicine cabinet features:

1.Good thermal insulation: The drug freezer uses advanced composite materials as the thermal insulation material to make the composite wall, which is light weight, high strength, good heat insulation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, anti-rust, non-toxic, non-mildew, at ultra-low temperature It can show its superiority.

2.Symbol of China's health standards. The surface of the drug freezer is made of color steel plates, stainless steel plates, and aluminum plates. It is non-toxic, tasteless, rust-free, and can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between the surface and the surface. High power of refrigeration and refrigeration systems.

Generally, refrigerated is a medicine that will have this kind of demand, in order to adhere to the temperature required for it to be stored. Because, the temperature dropped to -15. C is frightened, the drug storage rate is high, microorganisms and enzymes basically stop activities, growth, and oxidation is also very slow. Therefore, the medicine can be stored for a longer period of time and has better refrigerated quality. In addition, refrigerated medicines also require relatively stable temperature in the warehouse. Excessive temperature fluctuations will cause the medicines to deteriorate.

Raw material clarification:

1. Cabinet: (top plate, bottom plate, side plate, back plate): 1.0mm Ma Steel-Grade cold-rolled galvanized steel plate is selected, and EPOXY spray-treated, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

2. Cabinet door: upper glass and lower iron] or full glass door, the outer frame is made of double-layer 1.0mm thick Magang-grade cold-rolled galvanized steel plate, which is treated with EPOXY spray coating, and 4-5mm thick glass is embedded in the frame.

3. Laminated single-layer 1.0mm thick Masteel Grade I cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet is manufactured by EPOXY spray treatment.

Second, hardware accessories:

1, handle: pvc embedded handle.

2. Jaw: 115-degree DTC hinge.

3. Shelf pin: 1.5mm stainless steel plate is formed by CNC punch mold.

4. Ventilation hole: formed by CNC machine at one time.

5. Adjusting feet: 8mm galvanized screws, waterproof nylon hexagonal collar at the bottom.

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