What are the precautions for the universal exhaust hood


The design of the universal exhaust hood adopts Germany's more advanced connection activities, which is convenient, lightweight, and can easily and thoroughly collect exhaust fumes, used for laboratory exhaust, extraction of electronic welding fumes, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and long service life.

Universal exhaust hood features: 1. The material is made of high-density PP, resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion; 2. It has a large range of movement, can be rotated around a fixed frame with a radius of 1440mm and a range of 360 degrees; height stroke It can be rested flexibly in the range of 720mm, and can be positioned deliberately; the interval between the decoration fixing base and the bottom of the fixing frame can be adjusted from 990mm to 1450mm; it has an air conditioning button to control the gas flow; .

Universal exhaust hood equipment and application: 1. Select the equipment orientation of the exhaust hood according to the work place and indoor environment, punch holes in the fixing seat on the ceiling, and fix the fixing frame on the ceiling with M8 expansion screws; 2. Insert the elastic pipe into the exhaust pipe hole of the fixed frame, use the pipe clamp to lock the elastic pipe with the exhaust pipe, and fix the decoration plate tightly; 3. screw the air collecting hood tight; 4. connect the exhaust pipe, and place the exhaust pipe Connected with the exhaust system; 5. When in use, the air collecting hood can be pulled freely to align it with the exhaust location, and adjust the flow conditioning button. Turn the conditioning knob after use to close the windshield and fold the air collection hood back.

Note on the use of universal exhaust hood equipment: 1. There is a pressure bearing and rubber ring in the joint. If the joint is loose, you can tighten the joint knob properly; 2. Do not push and pull the air collecting hood too hard; It cannot exceed 90 degrees in the vertical plane, otherwise it will rebound; 4. Equipment height, the vertical distance between the ceiling and the suction port is 2440mm larger and 1710mm smaller.

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