What is the difference between a universal exhaust hood and an atomic absorption hood


The original suction hood is often referred to as the exhaust hood, which has a higher power; the universal exhaust hood has a lower power and is generally used in the gas phase. The universal exhaust hood is used for liquid phase, because the power of the original suction hood is relatively large. Generally, the exhaust air volume of the stainless steel material is large, and the original material is high temperature resistant. In order to reduce noise, universal exhaust hoods are generally used, but the exhaust effect is not as good as the original exhaust hood range hood. It is reasonable, but it is not safe, because the motor of the exhaust hood is not explosion-proof, in the laboratory Or when it is used in a laboratory, because many solvents are flammable and explosive, it is simply caused by a spark when the motor is rolling, or it causes a blast. I think it is not desirable to use life as a prank.

Atomic absorption hood

1. Structure introduction: The full set of equipment includes flexible stainless steel air hood and stainless steel air duct with manual conditioning.

2. Stainless steel air duct: made of 1.0mm stainless steel, the diameter of the air duct is DN200mm. The air duct is equipped with a manual conditioning valve, the opening degree can be 0 to 180o, and the air volume can be adjusted arbitrarily.

3. Stainless steel air hood: It is made of 1.0mm316 stainless steel plate. According to the test requirements, the air hood can be elasticized up and down 150mm to facilitate the test operation.

Universal exhaust hood

1. Joint slack knob: high-density PP material is used for flexible and flexible movement;

2. Use high-quality and high-density PP materials, which has the advantages of high mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion by organic chemical reagents;

3. Cup-shaped gas collecting hood: Use PP or purely transparent PC data with high transparency, which has the characteristics of clearly seeing the test phenomenon during the test;

4. Joint sealing ring: EPDM data is used, which has the advantages of good sealing performance and not easy to age.

5. Flexible duct: Φ75mm PVC material is used. The joint of the fixed frame can be rotated by 360 degrees. The fixed frame is the center. The movable radius can reach 1600mm. There is a door closing button near the end of the gas collecting hood for air conditioning.

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