Basic composition of walk-in fume hood


Products such as fume hoods can often be seen in the laboratory, so this product is also a must-have in the laboratory. It plays a very big role and can properly prevent the laboratory personnel from being exposed to the laboratory. Those chemical substances have great harm to the human body, so that laboratory personnel can be protected to a great degree. Well, the fume hood also has various specifications, with different sizes or made of different materials. For example, there are walk-in fume hoods and double-sided fume hoods. Let's talk about walk-in fume hoods.

The cabinet of the walk-in fume hood is mainly caused by steel plates. The interior is also divided into three forms, with three different ventilation planning schemes, so that the gases contained in the dead corner can be better removed, and these gases of different densities can be effectively and timely discharged. The main control panel of this kind of fume hood is on the side of the pillar outside, which makes it easier to observe and operate. The combination feet of this walk-in fume hood are composed of specific data plans. For example, the combination feet are selected from stainless steel and rubber. This can have characteristics such as preventing sensation and sliding, and allows the combination Feet have better load-bearing capacity.

The windows of the walk-in fume hood are made of thick explosion-proof windows, and planners plan the windows here to slide freely and stop in any position. Then the lighting inside the fume hood is a concealed solution selected. The circular energy-saving lamps are hidden above the Beijing fume hood, so that the electric lights can avoid contact with the laboratory materials. And very convenient in terms of changing the bulb.

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