Shenzhen Jason takes you to understand what is a table fume hood


1.Description of the structure and material of table fume hood :

1.Desktop fume hood is mainly composed of the upper part of the fume hood. The original test bench is used as the operating table and the lower support cabinet.

2.Desktop fume hood is a simple single-layer structure. The upper cabinet panel is made of 1.2MM thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the structure is made of 1.2MM thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate.

3. The left and right sides of the upper cabinet body are 5MM tempered glass, the rear plate is steel plate, the top plate is Bennett plate, and the front window is a liftable window.

4. Lining board: Use original imported 6mm acid- and alkali-resistant compact board.

5, deflector: its material is the same as the lining board, using imported anti-fold special plate.

6. The glass window adopts stepless balance type, which can be hovered in any direction. The window glass is made of 5MM thick tempered glass.

7. It is not possible to install power and sockets on the front pillars and panels. Consider installing them on the table.

8. The light source is a 20W fluorescent lamp, and it is completely blocked from the gas in the cabinet.

9, inner length = outer length -80, inner width = outer width -120, inner height = 1500.

Two, fume hood accessories:

1. Faucets, sinks and other special products made from high-quality brands.

2. Gas Cork selects laboratory-specific products made in Taiwan.

3. Eyewash, urgent spray, and universal exhaust hoods are made of imported laboratory products.

4. The test stool is made of glass steel (leather) and stainless steel.

Table-type fume hood is a kind of partial exhaust equipment commonly used in the laboratory. Because of its different structure and different operating conditions, the exhaust system is also different. The function of the fume hood is related to the air velocity in the fume hood.

Design instruction

Desktop fume hood manufacturers are an economical fume hood with preferential prices. This fume hood is generally located on the test bench, and it is mobile. Before the device can be set, you can set the position and the distance. You can set the desired position conveniently. High quality zui; can be equipped with double-sided handles, double-sided windows, double-sided ventilation on the center table, testers can do tests on both sides of the desktop fume hood. This table type fume hood is not as stable and accurate as all fume hoods, and the rest are the same as all steel fume hoods

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