Precautions for fume hood installation


Shenzhen Jason Lab Equipment Co., Ltd. introduces you to the matters needing attention when installing the fume hood. The material of the fume hood consists of a variety of materials, such as all steel, steel wood, all wood, aluminum wood, plastic steel, PVC structure, etc., its countertop is directly in contact with the operator, from solid core physical and chemical board, stainless steel plate, PVC, ceramic And other materials. Fume hoods are generally used in confined spaces with high precision and high standards. Now they are used for the decoration of the laboratory, the laboratory furniture in the laboratory, and the epoxy resin countertops. These are the required equipment for the laboratory. Everyone talks about how to install the fume hood, what should we pay attention to when installing the fume hood?

The following are the precautions for installing the fume hood for everyone

1. When installing a fume hood, first locate the lower body of the fume hood and place it. Choose the orientation of the installation to facilitate the ventilation!

2. After the lower body of the fume hood is acknowledged, the upper and lower bodies meet. The upper body of the fume hood is installed on the lower body.

3. The following is the link of the fan. To find the point for docking, the orientation is suitable and stable!

4. Install the pp water cup and single water nozzle to the corresponding orientation (opening position) on the table, fix the water cup with sealant, connect the water pipe to the water nozzle, and link the water pipe to the water outlet of the water cup.

5. Lead the fan line and lighting line of the upper body of the fume hood into the control box of the lower body, and connect them to the corresponding terminals.

6. Connect the 220v power supply through the control box, turn on the control switch, and run through the control panel control buttons!

Note: Neatness is very important. Please maintain it for normal maintenance, turn on the fan before the test, and pay attention not to contact the heating element and the flame test for a long time!

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