Precautions for using the test bench


Those who have expertise in the field of surgery, who always have an inexplicable pursuit of experiments, can only say that their brains are more developed, and they can persist in the curiosity and inquiry of each experiment. The experimental table is a table used by hospitals, schools, chemical plants, scientific research institutes and other enterprises to conduct experimental testing and storage of instruments. According to the orientation, they are divided into: central experiment bench, side experiment bench, corner bench; according to raw materials: all-steel experiment bench, steel-wood experiment bench, all-wood experiment bench, PP experiment bench, aluminum-wood experiment bench (now basic eliminated). There are also some high cabinets: medicine cabinets, utensil cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, explosion-proof cabinets, slide cabinets, etc.

For these people, the experimental bench is not only an experimental prop, but also their dining table. The following editors share with us the precautions of using the experimental bench:

Don't set up the laboratory bench around the precision instruments, or accidents will damage the precision instruments and cause economic loss and loss at all times.

During the construction of the laboratory, the fume hood and the installation location of the fume hood must be selected according to the experimental content and the size of the laboratory.

Medicines used: When using organics or other special reagents for experiments, indoor air must be considered, which is also the issue of wind speed.

For experiments with radioactive materials or perchloric acid: a dedicated fume hood should be selected, and the inlet wind speed should be set to more than 0.5m / s.

When using large-scale equipment, do not place a full, reasonable organization, and organize a suitable space for the exhaust fan.

Raw materials: In the experiments of organic acid corrosion, the raw materials of the fume hood must be considered, and anti-corrosive materials are required.

The exhausted harmful gas can only be discharged if it needs to be purified. When selecting a ventilator, its power must also be determined according to demand, and the exhaust volume and pressure must be appropriate. Inverters or variable speed fans can be used to reduce power consumption and save energy .

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