PP ware cabinet

PP ware cabinet


PP container cabinet standard specifications: 900 * 450 * 1800MM Shell: 8mm porcelain white PP (polypropylene) plate, welded by the same color and homogeneous welding electrodes, with strong acid resistance, strong alkali and anti-corrosion characteristics, reducing environmental pollution, ensuring

PP container cabinet specifications: 900 * 450 * 1800MM

Housing: 8mm porcelain white PP (polypropylene) plate, welded by the same color and homogeneous electrode, has strong acid resistance, strong alkali and corrosion resistance, reduces environmental pollution and protects the user's health

Cabinet body: The cabinet body adopts integrated molding and seamless welding technology, which greatly strengthens the structure of the cabinet body and effectively reduces the deformation caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the cabinet body.

Shelf: Use 8mm thick high-quality pure material PP (polypropylene) board to make the same color and homogeneous electrode. Welding all sides with vertical edges, the vertical edges are integrally welded. The shelf is provided with drip holes for utensils and the overall collection tray below. Movable, can be freely extracted and placed in the appropriate compartment, freely combining the space of each floor. Laminates are not uniformly welded with reinforcing ribs, which strengthens the load of the laminate itself. The surrounding sides can obtain a certain degree of spill prevention. The opening dimensions of the laminate are Φ30, Φ40, Φ50, Φ60.

Window: Manufactured from 5mm tempered glass, which can improve the extreme cold and heat performance by 2 to 3 times, increase the strength by 3 to 5 times, and greatly improve the safety.

Door handles and hinges: acid and alkali resistant PP material, good corrosion resistance, (colors available: azure blue, porcelain white)

Accessories: Use hinges, beads, and screws that are resistant to strong acids and alkalis. The sliding door is made of the same polypropylene material.


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