• Cylinder cabinet
    Cylinder cabinet

    Specifications: 900 * 450 * 1800mm (L * W * H) 1200 * 450 * 1800mm (L * W * H) Structure: All steel str

  • Aluminum wood medicine cabinet
    Aluminum wood medicine cabinet

    Frame: 27 * 27 aluminum pipe is used. Its surface is treated with pure epoxy resin powder for anti-stat

  • PP medicine cabinet
    PP medicine cabinet

    PP medicine cabinet cabinet material: 8mm PP (polypropylene) board color: porcelain white Features: str

  • PP ware cabinet
    PP ware cabinet

    PP container cabinet standard specifications: 900 * 450 * 1800MM Shell: 8mm porcelain white PP (polypro

  • All-steel ware cabinet
    All-steel ware cabinet

    Specifications: 900X450X1800MM can be customized cabinet: made of 1.0MM thick high-quality cold-rolled

  • Aluminum wood ware cabinet
    Aluminum wood ware cabinet

    Size standard: 900 * 450 * 1800MM cabinet can be customized: 15mm thick environmental protection fiberb

  • All-steel medicine cabinet
    All-steel medicine cabinet

    Size: 900X450X1800MM cabinet is made of 1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. Its surface i

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