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Shenzhen Jason Lab Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the planning, design and modern laboratory basic equipment, laboratory waste gas treatment, environmental protection equipment, air purification system design and installation, research and development and production of modern laboratory. Operate and sell laboratory peripheral equipment such as basic equipment, laboratory instruments, chemical glassware, chemical reagents, plastic products, chemical materials, eyewash and other peripheral products, and provide related technical consulting services. Our products are widely used in hospitals, schools, and biopharmaceuticals. , Inspection and testing, medical and health, chemical electronics, tobacco and food, public security bureaus and judicial appraisal centers and other scientific research institutions and surface treatment industries.

We have a strong sales and technical team, and we have accumulated a set of mature laboratory design concepts. From the preliminary planning of the laboratory, the installation of basic equipment, the configuration of experimental instruments to all aspects of the normal use of the laboratory, we take a stop Service. Based on the business principles of "quality first, integrity-based, customer first", we provide customers with high-quality and thoughtful service and create a safe and comfortable working environment for laboratory staff.

Business scope: Planning and design of modern scientific laboratories; intelligent ventilation, purification system planning, design, decoration, installation; production test benches , fume hoods , fume hoods , sky platforms, instrument tables, medicine cabinets, utensil cabinets, emergency eye washers, Clean bench, washing tank, gas cylinder cabinet, fume hood; sales of laboratory-specific instruments and equipment, reagents and various stainless steel products.

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